June 10, 2020

Diploma / PG Diploma Package

• Provide all services related to admission and visa process for Canada Diploma and Post
Graduate Diploma students under Student Direct Stream (SDS).
Canada Bachelor’; and Master’s Package includes – University Selection
Shortlist, Application Process, Draft Letters of Recommendation, and Statement of
Purpose Discussion, Draft and Editing for upto six universities
Provide services towards procuring admission and visa for Canadian universities for bachelor’s
and master’s programs under SDS.

US Undergraduate Process:
• No partial service package is applicable for undergraduate admission process.
• Please set up an appointment either over Skype or in person to understand services offered
and variation of service available.
• Given the age of these students and the pressure of high school, we create a comprehensive
plan and schedule.
• The fee we charge is a fraction of the investment of time, effort and resources (including but
not limited to money).
• The guidance, support, advice and help we render can transform the opportunities available
to the student.

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