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#1 We really get to know you

We take the time to fully understand your education, experience, and expectations. Our staff takes a genuine interest in your individual needs & doubts and guides you to articulate your strengths so that you can reach your dreams.

#2 We create the best fit college list for you

Our personalized approach means that we create a shortlist of universities that met your personal and professional goals. We take into consideration your background, your experience, your requirements such as geography, scholarship etc. to identify the best colleges in “reach”, “target” and “safety” school categories.

#3 We build your unique admissions profile

We understand that no two students are the same. As we help you with your recommendations, essays, SOPs and all other aspects of the application, we highlight what makes you a strong candidate – that is different from other applicants.

#4 We hold your hand through the Visa process

Our Visa strategy is tried and tested to be the best. Right from filling out the forms to planning for finances and multiple mock interviews, we aim to make sure you are confident and prepared for the process.

We are there for all your needs

Our goal is to be there for all your questions, doubts, and needs.
Disha’s staff is passionate about helping students achieve their dreams
and is dedicated to providing you with the best service in the business.

Been There Done That

All the founding directors pursued an education in the US and gave up US permanent residence (Green Cards) before setting up Disha Consultants.

This practical experience enables them to quickly understand student requirements, identity with their problems, and thus counsel them appropriately.

Kavita Parikh

Founder and Managing Director

Anuj Parikh

Managing Director

Steven Parikh

Branch Manager, Vadodara

Aparna Solanki

Manager, Visa Processing

Vanita Khosla

Manager, Operations

Sheel Shah

Manager, Customer & Student Relations

Additionally, we have a staff of 20+ counselors and facilitators to guide our students on their journey.

“Comments about [our agency] for the American International Recruitment Council.”