Our Services

Our Services

Pre Application Advise
Learn how to build a strong resume and application profile before you apply
University Shortlists
Identify the best universities to apply to based on your profile, preferences and budget
Application Forms
Guidance on how to fill out application forms and entry of up to 6 application forms per student
Resume Development
Create an effective resume with our advice and editing guidance
Statement of Purpose
Craft the best essay for your application with our brainstorming, writing and editing service
Support with selecting and guiding recommenders from your academic and professional experience
Visa Finance
Hand held guidance and review of Visa finance and documentation
Visa Mock Interviews
1:1 coaching for Visa interviews with at least 3 practice interviews

Pre Application Advise

Disha is with you throughout your study abroad journey. Whether you’ve decided exactly where to apply or are only just beginning to think about higher education outside India, we provide the expertise to help you achieve your dreams.

Before you are ready to apply, we prepare in advance by:

  • Deciding you focus country
  • Selecting the right standardized tests and developing a timeline to take them
  • Building your profile via internships, jobs, and volunteering

University Shortlists

There are over 5000+ universities and colleges in the US, as well as another 200+ in Canada. While there is a plethora of information online about each of these, there is no way to verify whether the information is up-to-date and factual.

With our 17+ years of experience working with 10,000+ students, we intimately understand the nuances of each of the top schools and programs in various fields. We visit campuses, host exclusive information sessions, and constantly seek feedback from our past students to know which are the best programs.

Our personalized approach means that we create a shortlist of universities that met your personal and professional goals. We take into consideration your background, your experience, your requirements such as geography, scholarship etc. to identify the best colleges in “ambitious”, “target” and “safety” school categories.

In our process we will:

  • Understand your preferences of program, geography, cost as well as your profile
  • Explain opportunity outlook for programs of choice
  • Provide a comprehensive list of universities and programs that are best-fit for you
  • Prepare a list of 12-15 universities in “ambitious”, “target” and “safety” categories
  • Provide an Excel worksheet with details such as GRE/ TOEFL/IELTS requirements, application deadlines, and expected expense per year in USD

Application Forms

We walk our students through the complete application process, including how to fill out application forms as well as prepare and attach the relevant required documents.

For our students, we will:

  • Explain the application form
  • Guide the document preparation process
  • Fill out up to 6 application forms online

Resume Development

The resume is an essential document for the application process. It gives colleges a one-stop-shop glance at your academic and professional record and conveys the impact you have been able to make so far.

At Disha, we guide you to create the most effective resume and help you clearly communicate your experience in an easy to read format.

We will provide:

  • Content guidance
  • Formatting guidance
  • Answers any questions

Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose (SOP) is one of the most critical parts of the application. In this essay, students have to effectively convey why they are interested in the program they are applying to and what makes them a good fit for the program.

A compelling SOP can help students overcome barriers to admission such as a lack of work experience or a less-than-amazing academic track record.

At Disha, we have a tried and tested brainstorming process to highlight the most impactful and interesting stories from your life so far. We go beyond the resume to help you bring out the unique traits that will differentiate your application from other students.

Our SOP writing process will provide:

  • Brainstorming guidance to identify key achievements
  • Assistance with writing and editing a common draft across applications
  • Advice on customizations for each university


Beyond your academic and professional record, a recommendation is a strong vote of confidence from your employer or professors that you are capable of making an impact. It is necessary to pick the right recommenders who are able to speak to your achievements and give them the appropriate guidance so they paint the best, most accurate picture of you.

To this end, we provide:

  • Guidance on selecting recommenders
  • Highlighting stories and instances of your success that they can chat about
  • Help with any questions your recommenders may have

Visa Finance

Securing admission to a good university is only the first part of making your study abroad dreams come true. Then comes the all-important step of securing a Visa.

At Disha, we have a 98% Visa success rate for our US-bound students and an even higher success rate for our Canada bound students. Our rigorous Visa preparation program ensures that students have all the requirements checked off to receive the Visa.

Before the interview, we will help you with Visa finance preparation. We ensure you have the required formats and document verification, and that your visa application online form is filled out correctly.

In this step, our Visa experts will provide:

  • Small-group seminar-based information on Visa form filling
  • 1:1 assistance for any questions on Visa forms
  • 1:1 assistance to prepare Visa finance documents

Visa Mock Interviews

Our Visa experts help students prepare for the all-important Visa interview through 1:1 mock interviews.

Our training teaches students the right content and delivery method of a successful Visa interview. They will know how to interact with the Visa officer in a comfortable, confident manner that is necessary for Visa success.

Visa experts will provide students:

    • 1:1 mock interviews that simulate a meeting with the Visa officer
    • Training on Q&A
    • Advice on language and delivery of answers
    • Practice sessions with different interviewers
    • Guidance on any questions regarding the process