June 10, 2020

Application Process (Six Universities)

• Teach and guide about how to fill out online applications. Each university and often
time within universities departments have specific application requirements. It is
important to do a meticulous and thorough.
• Provide list of supporting documents and steps to complete the application submission.
• Resolve queries, check applications, verify correct information is uploaded, ensure
application is complete in all aspects.
• Enable application submission before university application deadlines.
• Maximize cost saving through providing names of universities that will waive application
• Inform about financial requirement for making applications i.e. Application Finance to
procure I-20 (US Department of Homeland Security document issued by respective
university). This is pre-arranged with either parents/ guardians and/or students. I-20 is a
document required to apply to US F-1 visa (student visa)

• Guide and assist either parents / guardians and/or student after comprehending individual
student’s financial plan.
• Meet students, parents or guardians on regular basis for solving doubts, queries and
discuss alternatives.
• Assist in sourcing education loan as an alternative method of demonstrating financial
funding capability.

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