Canada is world’s second-largest country. Canada’s prestigious education system  and liberal work permit and permanent residency norms attract large number of students from across the world. Canada has fewer education institutions than US,   Students can apply for diploma, post graduate diploma, bachelor’s,master’s degree and Ph D. programs in diverse areas.

Owing to its small population it is amongst the lowest density in the world, Canada is keen to welcome immigrants that are well educated and would contribute to their economy. Some students view this as an easy choice for immigration and do not choose their program or institution with care. Such superfluous choice does not build a strong future.  It is important to get the best possible education since due to small population and smaller size of economy, unless a student has best possible education, career options and opportunities are limited.

Educational institutions in Canada fall under two broad categories. Universities that offer degrees and Colleges that offer diplomas or certificates.  Generally getting admitted to college is easier than to university.. (To Check if our Admission process should be shared –till green below marked )

For getting admitted to a diploma program most colleges require strong academics and only IELTS scores. A a score of overall 6.5 with no individual band below 6.0 is considered adequate. For  graduate degree programs, universities may require IELTS and GRE/GMAT, though this varies depending on program and university. There are two ways of getting Canadian Student Visa or Student Study Permit. An easier and straight forward one requires a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 bands in each section. If this is achieved and a student has admission from one of the shortlisted universities or colleges, he/she can apply under SDS – Student Direct Stream. It requires the student to pay one full year of tuition fees to the educational institute, complete GIC, undertake medical test done to go ahead with online application. Processing time taken for response in such cases is much faster and is generally favourable.

In case the student does not have required IELTS score or does not meet other criteria of SDS processing he/she can apply under general application process.

In both cases. We will assist with the entire visa process by providing proper guidance, completing all visa formalities as mentioned above, and conduct regular follow ups with universities, if necessary. Here again we have one of the best visa success rates in the industry owing to our attention to detail, knowledge of rules and regulations and expertise at visa processing over the years.