Backround – Due to the variety of options available, number of parameters considered for admission by universities, departments and programs and constantly evolving norms of admission getting into a program and university of choice is a complex and painstaking process.  Only asking friends or relatives, using online search engines  even with the best of tools or relying on social media is not adequate at all.

This is a lifelong decision so getting advice, guidance and support from us who have current and updated knowledge, years of experience and insight into the nuances and finer aspects  of admission enables sound decisions, better applications and higher success.

Our Services

Suggestions on academic and other activities to help build a stronger application.

Guidance about varied programs and university options.

Schedule for taking relevant and essential entrance tests – GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/ IELTS.

Selection of program and universities based on student’s background, aspirations, location preference and budgetary constraints.

Guidace on identifying recommenders and assistance with draft of recommendation letters.

Assistance with crafting a Statement of Purpose to stand out in the crowd.

Help with online applications and application documentation including transcripts, financial documentation and sponsorship letter.

Assistance in filling out scholarship forms, if applicable.

Practice for  admissions interviews, if required and selected.

Follow up for ensuring complete applications and quicker turnaround of application.

Assistance with filling out visa applications.

Counsel on visa financial requirements.

Training and hands-on guidance on preparing for visa interview through mock interviews.

Pre-departure and post visa assistance (ousing, health and travel insurance, forex and phone card and travel) process related seminars.

To summarize, we hold all our students’ hand  through all they need and want to do.

Services provided are mostly covered in the above paragraph, can we exclude the inclusion part and start with brief explanation of services.