I ) Pre Application and On Going
  1. Academic
  2. Discuss and suggest targets for results in school tests and exams.

  3. Tests
  4. Give guidance regarding which tests student ought to take - SAT/ACT, Subject SATs, APs, and TOEFL/IELTS.

    Provide time table of when to take required tests as suited to student’s school schedule.

    Discuss and help decide need for retaking the tests.

  5. Co curricular Activities and Extracurricular Activities (including Community Service)
  6. Evaluate student’s past co curricular activities and in line with emerging interests provide suggestions on additional activities such as internships, projects and more as needed to augment profile, enrich application and showcase a student’s individuality.

    Understand student’s extracurricular track record and recommend plan of action to showcase and/ or fortify qualities, talents, achievements and sensitivity.

II) Application Process
  1. Shortlist of Universities
  2. Suggest a list of dream, target and safe institutions after considering student’s academic performance, test scores, activity profile, interests, geographic preferences and financial needs and Discuss these suggestions with student and family, incorporate inputs, wishes and other needs to help finalize list.

    Explain and help decide Early Action, Early Decision applications.

    Send an Excel worksheet with key information for universities which student and family have finalized.

  3. Recommendations
  4. Provide suggestions on who should be recommenders including from school and external.

    Give counsel about what all should be included in these recommendations from student’s counselor, teachers and/ or non-academic recommenders for up to three recommenders.

  5. Essay Writing and Editing
  6. Provide a list of essays needed for the finalized six universities.

    Student and Family’s Task – make a list of ideas for varied essay topics.

    Discuss ideas and help select best of ideas for essays.

    Help give structure and shape to ideas for each of the required essays for the finalized six universities.

    Review first draft of essays for the finalized six universities and provide comments on substance- including but not limited to : idea, context, focus, perspective and direction; and on style including but not limited to : presentation, language, and grammar. Edit final draft of essays for the finalized six universities.

  7. Application Forms : On line Process
  8. Fill out the Common Application and/or Coalition Application. These are rather lengthy and extremely detailed forms that are common to most universities.

    Fill out six application forms of your choice these would include supplemental applications, as well.

    Recommend if needed that student apply to more than six universities and will check those additional application forms up to a total of not more than 12 universities.

  9. Financial Requirement for Application
  10. Explain what needs to be done about financial certification for application.

    Provide a draft of bank balance certificate.

    Provide draft of sponsor letter and/or affidavit.

    Provide links to university financial forms, print these and fill these out.

  11. Mailing Packages
  12. Advise student if universities need application packages and give details of what all will need to be included in the package.

    Prepare the application packet with requisite labels once all required materials are provided.

  13. Report Test Score
  14. Inform student about test scores to be reported and process of doing so.

  15. Admissions Interviews
  16. Provide student list of likely questions.

    Prepare student through mock interviews.

  17. Follow Up
  18. Guide student consistently on how to follow up with each and every university about status of application.

  19. Final Choice
  20. Discuss all options in hand to help student make a choice.

    Help submit confirmation to chosen university.

  21. Student Visa
  22. Give training about visa interview preparations

    Guide about all the required finances, documents and processes for visa.

    Explain on filling out the DS 160 and paying necessary fees for Student Visa.

    Explain filling out form for paying SEVIS fee.

    Train through mock interviews to help prepare for all aspect of visa interview.