Direction to Your Dreams.

This we achieve by counseling each student according to his individual background and expectations. We help our students through the entire application and visa process from start to finish. Some of our core services are described below.

We advise on what our students ought to do to reach their dream university.

Students have usually had varied experiences and exposures and we help cull the relevant information to be included in a one page resume. Presentation of the information in a concise and effective manner makes all the difference and for this we help our students.

We help shortlist Universities.

We strive to find the best match between the student’s and the university’s goals. Factoring in student’s preferences, area of study, academic records, future prospects and budget, we suggest a list of universities.

We help with the Statement of Purpose and Essays.

A statement of purpose or an essay needs to stand out in the applicant pool. We help our students through the process of writing effectively.

We assist with Recommendation Letters.

Recommendation letters provide a third party insight on the student to the admission committee. It is vital to chose recommenders wisely and we help in this process. If your recommenders require it, we also assist composing letters for their approval.

We provide guidance on preparing financials.

Universities need submission of financial documents as proof of funding for the program before processing admits. We provide guidance on preparing effective documentation given each student’s financial situation.

We facilitate in applying for scholarships and financial support.

We understand the financial consequences of a good education and are committed to help our students avail scholarships and/or financial support where possible.

We help complete the application kit.

An application package needs to include the application form as well as other supporting documents which tend to vary by university or program of study. We walk our students through preparing a complete package and submit on time.

We provide guidance for Visa.

The student Visa process includes filling of forms, documentation preparation and finally the Visa interview. We guide our students through each of the above by providing guidelines, reviewing documentation and also conducting mock visa interviews.

We conduct a pre-departure orientation on approval of their visa, to prepare them for their journey forward.

In addition to the application and visa process, we also provide leads and help on bank loans, foreign exchange, health insurance and travel arrangements.